Topic: WSJ #3
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List the one most important article within the last 12 months, as found in the WSJ. This should not be a trend that was extensively covered in class during WSJ#1 or WSJ#2 (at least to the best of your knowledge). This article does not have to be about hospitality, but does need to directly relate to and have the most impact the hospitality industry. Remember, this should be the single article THAT HAD THE MOST IMPACT ON HOSPITALITY throughout the past year. There typically is no single, best article. Instead there are about 10-15 most important/impacting articles that would work well as a choice for this assignment. You will be asked to share your article report with class in a seminar environment. Submit assignments to ulearn. Bring a copy to the class discussion.

You can bullet your points.

Total approximate page length = 1-2 pages. Below are the grading weights.

Use the following Headings:

Impact Article:

Brief Explanation of Article (wt=10/50)

Brief Justification for Choice (wt=10/50)

Impact on the Hospitality Industry (wt=20/50)

Citation (wt=5/50)

Grammar, Style (wt=5/50)

Total Points Awarded:___________________/50

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