Wroking in Business: Emotional Inteligence

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The purpose of the assessment is to produce a professional presentation on an aspect of professionalism in the workplace. In the tutorial in week 6 (tutorial 4) your tutor will issue a presentation topic to your team and spend some time discussing how you might approach it. The topics are:
• Stereotyping

Your team needs to research the topic and prepare a professional presentation to the board of directors of SOUND WAVE, an Australian ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT RETAILER with 68 stores and 3,500 employees. Your presentation should be structured as a PERSUASIVE PROPOSAL; your aim is to convince the board to implement your recommendation. You should perform your presentation in person during your allocated presentation time.
ALSO: This is what our Teach told us:
Thanks for your email and copy of your team contract. Just to clarify some definitions of roles/structure of departments in organisations, as per your email on ‘senior management teams’.
” Chief financial officer, chief operations officer, chief human resources officer, chief marketing officer and chief visionary officer”
Executive teams will consist of a; Chief Exective Officer ( CEO) , Chief Operating Office ( COO) and a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who will directly report to the Board.
Senior management teams will consist of Heads of Departments (HOD’s), who report to the Senior Executive team. Examples of types of HOD’s would include Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Operations Manager and a Supply Chain Manager.
Given you are a Retail company with 68 stores across Australia, you need to look at organisational structure and where departments and teams sit in that structure (Samson & Daft, 2012).

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