Women in U.S. History Essay Question

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Question: Using a minimum of two of the assigned documents, identify key arguments that each author or participant makes for the redefining of gender relations in the United States and/or sexual liberation of women. How do the authors’ or participants’ arguments compare or vary to each other in their assertions for the redefining of gender relations and/or sexual liberation of women?

Directions: In responding to the question, you must use at least two (2) assigned documents as evidential support to your position on the question.

The essay should have an introduction that introduces your focus and provides historical context to set up your discussion of the the question. Your introduction should conclude with a clear thesis statement that outlines what you plan to address in the body of your response.

Within the body of your response, each paragraph should have a topic sentence that defines a certain aspect of your thesis statement; that you develop within the paragraph with selected quotes from your chosen assigned documents. Your response should have a conclusion that summarizes your major points and redirects the reader’s attention back to your thesis statement, underscoring how you have proven your position on the question.

You should write at least a (4) paragraph response.

Be sure to include a “works cited” at the end of your response the provides a list of all sources references and used in your response.

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