WK2 Paper: Entities and Attributes

Prepare a 600-word paper for this assignment.

1.    Pick and clearly identify an online database.?
2.    Describe clearly the entities and attributes that the website must track.?
3.    Diagram the relationship between the entities that you identified.

The following are examples of online databases:
•    Website for searching past and current movies
•    Website for music titles
•    Website for drug, supplement, and herbal information
•    Website for car resale information

?    Provide external support.

Format your paper consistent with STRICT APA guidelines. MINIMUM 2 REFERENCES.

TEXTBOOK FOR THIS CLASS.  This can be included as part of the 2 references if you use it.

Rainer, R. K., & Cegielski, C. G. (2014). Introduction to information
systems: Supporting and transforming business (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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