What are the reasons for the low rate of organ donations? How can this issue be addressed?

Order Description
– APA system of referencing with in-text referencing and a separate list of references. (in-text citation include Surname(s),Year, Page).
– use at least one direct quotation and some paraphrases.
– include a minimum of six different references sources
– JOURNALS + ONE OFFICIAL WEBSITE ONLY such as WHO.int – . (a Dropbox link that contain 15 journals about the topic is given BELOW)
I think that the article: (Enforcement of presumed-consent policy and willingness to donate.pdf) is helpful

# the suggested structure of this essay should be:
Introduction (Background + Thesis statement + Subtopics)
Body1 (Reason 1 + its solution)
Body2 (Reason 2 + its solution)
Body3 (Reason 3 + its solution)
Conclusion (restate thesis + list all main points + final comment (warning, opinion, prediction or advice)

Here is a link for an example structure: (Please have a look at it.)

(due date) :
– Completed assignment (before 2nd May)

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