Week 7 Final Paper

For  Week Seven, you will be using the material covered in your reading list  and the APUS Library, to develop a paper which explores one of the  sensorimotor systems (e.g., vision, touch, taste, smell, or attention.  You will not be allowed to use hearing as a topic as it was examined in  the Week Two paper.) from a biopsychological perspective. Be sure to  address, the physiological (structure and function) as well as the  psychological (cognitive-perceptual) underpinnings of the system. Use each item as a required subheading in your paper. Students should preview the grading rubric before beginning the assignment.

The paper should include:

  • Be  a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 full pages, size 12 font Times New  Roman, double spaced with 1 inch margins, NOT including the Title and  References pages.
  • A title page
  • Include  the sub headings of: “Physiological Underpinnings”, “Structure”,  “Function” “Psychological Underpinnings”, “Cognitive-Perceptual”.
  • 100-120 word abstract
  • Introductory paragraph ending in a clear thesis statement
  • Several well-developed (5-7 sentences) body paragraphs that explore the topic in detail
  • A summary and conclusions paragraph
  • Four references, three of which cannot be from the class readings.

Be sure to submit your project in one Word document in APA 6th ed. format and attach it below.

  1. Question (TCO 5) When it comes to electing officials, which factor matters the most to voters in both presidential and parliamentary elections?
  2. Question (TCO 5) Who receives the most attention in both parliamentary and presidential systems?
  3. Question (TCO 5) Describe how the United States expands its cabinet.
  4. Question (TCO 7) Radicals use the term political economy instead of _____ to describe their critique of capitalism and the inequitable distribution of wealth among nations.
  5. Question (TCO 7) How do Keynesian economic policies differ from the traditional laissezfaire policies developed by Adam Smith?
  6. Question (TCO 7) What event is largely considered responsible for deterring Johnson’s War on Poverty?
  7. Question (TCO 7) Which of the following is an increasing financial concern of the Medicare program?
  8. Question (TCO 7) Why are many politicians wary about limiting Social Security and Medicare expenses?
  9. Question (TCO 7) How does the American welfare state compare to those of other industrialized nations?
  10. Question (TCO 7) Theoretically, what are the consequences if the government assumes the burden of bad loans?
  11. Question (TCO 9) What is the most common response to serious domestic unrest?
  12. Question (TCO 9) Riots triggered by police beating youths, protests against globalization, and labor strikes against austerity are all examples of _____.
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