Week 1 Critical Question 1 & 2

Week 1 Formational Question One and two

Please offer relevant thoughts that demonstrate critical thinking. Such insights should demonstrate original thought, introspection, and healthy debate among classmates. A minimum of 5 sentences are required for each original post (250-500 words). Grades will be based on the value added to the discussion thread. Profound thoughts and remarks will be valued above random fluff and simple agreement.

1. Two Groups on a Journey

Option 1 : Focus on the story of the Jews from the death of Joseph to the entrance into Canaan (Exodus-Deut.).


Option 2: Focus on the experience of the twelve disciples following Jesus from the time of their call to the day of Pentecost.

Tell the story of your chosen group’s particular journey using no more than 10 pivotal happenings. Include both high and low points. Use Bibles, but trust your memory.
What did their experiences teach them about how people are formed individually and corporately? What applications can be made to your current journey with God?

2. My Journey Reflection

The study we are beginning is about our journey with God, who we travel with, the patterns we develop, the behaviors we avoid, and the way we are shaped along the way.

Who have you traveled with?
What patterns (good or bad) have shaped you?
What have you learned from success?
What have you learned from failure?
Where are you currently on your journey?

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