v Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

Final Exam: (40 points) Due Date: May 3th, 2016
Note: You can use any resources and acknowledge them properly. Use diagram wherever applicable.
We discussed many topics starting from basic raw material preparation -cleaning, grading, peeling; size reduction, mixing, heat processing- blanching, pasteurization, sterilization, aseptic processing, extrusion; cold processing- refrigeration, freezing; separation- centrifuge, distillation, fermentation and enzymes, food packaging, material handling equipment, waste disposal, non-thermal processing techniques. Now it is time to demonstrate your understanding of the course materials and apply to a food product during its processing. The following are the expectations:
1. Select a food product so that you can integrate at least 7 chapters.
2. Include a flow chart for your product production
3. Clearly indicate the chapters applied during the processing of the selected product (either in a flow chart or table form)
4. Basic principle of each chapter/unit operation with possible time-temperature combination or operating conditions wherever applicable
5. Speculate about cost, efficiency, and energy aspect
Your response should be not more than 4 pages on a single spacing include appropriate references.

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