unnatural Causes

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Part II: Unnatural Causes

Instructions: Please address the following questions related to the film, Unnatural Causes.

150 – 300 words
3.) Using examples from the film discuss the relationship between inequality, social status, and health in America. What factors, in your view, contribute to differences in health outcomes between social groups?

4.) How are social policies related to health outcomes in population groups? How might social policies look that narrow differences in health outcomes between population groups?

150 – 300 words
Responding to this question requires screening the film, Unnatural Causes – When the Bough Breaks, which is accessible via Kanopy Streaming Service.

Using specific examples when possible, discuss the relationship between race and health in America. What do you view as driving disparities in health outcomes along racial lines even when controlling for social class? In other words, why do racial minorities tend to have worse health outcomes than their white counterparts across the socioeconomic spectrum?
*Instructions for accessing film:

1. Visit Seattle Central Libraries ‘Video & Audio’ (Links to an external site.)page

2. Select ‘Kanopy Streaming Service’ at the bottom of the page – you will need to login if you are off campus
Last Name: Yun
Student ID: 985879871

3. Search for – Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making us Sick? – In Sickness and in Wealth

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