United States Foreign Policy

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How are international relations and U.S. foreign policy different from domestic politics and policy-­–making? How is foreign policy in the U.S. made and how is this different from domestic politics?
Discuss the three ways in which the United States is considered a superpower. Which of these three types of power is most important? Why? How should the U.S. use its position as the major world power to influence international relations?
Finally, the United States is the world’s only superpower. Despite facing few serious threats to its security, the U.S. spends more on national defense than all other major powers in the world combined. Money that potentially could be spent on social programs, infrastructure, and education goes towards advanced weapons systems and surveillance technology among other things. Are levels of spending on national defense excessive? Or are present levels of U.S. defense spending necessary to keep U.S. citizens safe?

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