Unconscious Bias

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In a 1400-1900 word paper, analyze and explain “unconscious bias.” Address the following questions:
1. Define bias
2. Define unconscious bias.
3. Explain how one becomes aware of an unconscious bias.
4. Analyze and discuss how biases manifest themselves in our workplaces, homes, and personal lives?
5. Identify at least two different types of biases that may occur in the workplace – one personal and one organizational.
6. What might cause those to arise?
7. What can be done to identify and prevent workplace biases from continuing to occur?
8. How would you address the individual’s bias?
9. How would you address the organizational bias?

Provide specific rationale for your answers. In addition to the course resources, utilize at least two scholarly sources that discuss bias in that particular work environment.

Remember to include a cover page and reference page. This assignment does not require an abstract.

Book: Kahn, A. (2015). The ecology of diversity: Examining individuals, societies, and cultures. San Diego, CA. Bridgepoint Education.

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