U.S. Federal Bureaucracy

Step 1: Completethe federal bureaucracy matrix to demonstrate how it influences the U.S. political system. IncludeAPA citations for all unoriginal ideas, facts, or definitions.

Elements of federal bureaucracy

In 100-250 words, explain each element, and discuss how it affects or influences the U.S. political system.

Civil servants

Government corporation

Cabinet departments

Independent regulatory agencies

Independent executive agencies

Merit system

Public administration

Spoils system


Negotiated rulemaking

Step 2: Completethe public policy matrix to explain and the compare the main policy types.

Types of public policy

Explanation or definition

How is it the same or different from the other types of policy?

Example of the type of policy

Distributive policy

Regulatory policy

Redistributive policy


Question 1

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) Which of the following best characterizes Aristotle?

He explained both what is and what ought to be.

He neither explained what is nor what ought to be.

He only explained what ought to be.

He only explained what is.

Question 2

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau would likely agree on which of the following?

Individuals join and stay in civil society.

Empirical research is important.

Power resided with the proletariat.

Life is nasty and brutish.

Question 3

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) If _____ were alive, he might suggest that poor academic performance in schools could be attributed to a society that does not promote education and provides few resources devoted to schools.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Thomas Hobbes

John Locke

Niccolo Machiavelli

Question 4

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) Which of the following would most likely be supported by the bourgeoisie?

Conflict for economic gain

Minority rights

Equality for all

A revolt by the proletariat

Question 5

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) Which statement best supports Marxist theories?

Uneven benefits to corporations with few benefits for workers led to the economic crises in the early 2000s.

The United States provides ample opportunities for all who work hard.

Tax breaks will often create jobs, benefiting the working class.

Similarities exist between economies in both Europe and the United States.

Question 6

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) Which statement best applies to Adam Smith?

Marxists promoted his views because of concerns of the proletariat.

His views began as conservative, but are now associated with modern liberalism.

His views were once considered liberal, but are now promoted by conservatives.

His views have always been advocated by liberals.

Question 7

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) Thomas Hill Green might agree with which of the following?

Markets regulate themselves.

Taxes should benefit business owners because they allow owners to hire more workers.

No one is forced to take a job he or she doesn’t like.

Unions are necessary to protect workers against business owners.

Question 8

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) Modern American conservatism would favor government involvement in what activity?

Regulating markets

A progressive tax system

Religious promotion

Protecting organized labor

Question 9

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) _____ prefer virtually no government involvement in anything.





Question 10

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 6) Fascism existed during the 20th century in what country?






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