Transparency in clinical trials

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• The Turnitin writing assignment will assess your understanding of content from weeks 1 through 4 (attached PPT lectures)(name of required book reading is listed below) on transparency in clinical trials. Students are expected to write a 6 page paper including the title page, abstract, discussion, conclusion, in-text references and at least (3) reference(s) in APA format. The paper must include the following:

o Define a clinical trial registry,
o Describe the purpose of clinical trial registration and results data reporting (e.g.,
o Describe the scope and intent of transparency in clinical trials,
o Describe how the lack of transparency can impact clinical trials, and
o Provide at least two examples of historical events that changed disclosure requirements in clinical trials. (Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, and Thalidomide Tragedy)
Textbook: Principles and Practice of Clinical Research
Author/Publisher: John I. Gallin and Fredrick P. Ognibene
Edition/Year: 3rd Edition/2012
ISBN: 978-0-12-382167-6
You will be graded on your writing skills ensuring there is no evidence of plagiarism, use of APA formatting, including content, quality, spelling, organization, mechanics, and inclusion of in-text citations and appropriate references.
The paper must be typed, double-spaced with 1″ margins; 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
Note: You will be required to submit the written assignment as a Turnitin Assignment.

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