Transformers in Justice – Visions of a Future Criminal Justice System

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The module assessment will involve the writing of a 1500 word critical commentary piece – taking a key policy or practice change or technological advancement and exploring the case for and against such strategies.
Drawing on material considered in the module, outline and critically review a key change which might be anticipated in criminal justice in England & Wales in the near future. Show, with evidence, why such a change could realistically be predicted and to what extent it should be welcomed, or would be a cause for concern. This is a 1,500 word essay (ie you may use up to 1,650 words, excluding title and bibliography).
? The change on which you are focusing could, for example be in the area of policy or practice, or the result of the use of new technologies.
? The change may be already underway, or could be a development that could feasibly be predicted in the coming years.
? We would anticipate that material from all 5 of the classes in the module would help you in considering the implications of your chosen area of change.
? In preparation for this assessment, we recommend that you read some of the articles published in the journal Criminal Justice Matters. These short, two or three page articles tend to be around 1,500 – 2,000 words in length and contain a critical focus. Therefore, they provide good examples of the type of critical commentary that you should be striving to achieve.

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