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Assignment 2 –Article summary
Submission date: Friday, 6 May, 2016, no later than 11 p.m.
(This assignment leads into Assignment 3 – Project: Analysis of a destination) The value of the assignment is 15%.
You are required to submit a summary of the following article that relates to Brazil, the destination that you will analyse for Assignment 3.
Pegas, F, Coghlan, A and Rocha, V 2012, ‘An explanation of a mini-guide programme: training local children in sea turtle conservation and ecotourism in Brazil’, Journal of Ecotourism, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 48-55.
Your summary must be 1000 words in length, plus or minus 10%. It must be written almost entirely in your own words. Any quotations used must be very brief, no more than two or three words. Quotations must not be used to avoid writing difficult sections in your own words. To do this assignment you must follow the instructions in Topic 1 in Study Guide Part 2. You will also find a checklist in Topic 1 Study Guide Part 2. The summary must contain the following:
• the introductory sentence written according to the instructions given in Topic 1 Study Guide Part 2
• a summary of the main ideas in the article in which you write about the following topics:
o the purpose of the article (See p. 49 of the article)
o why the preservation of sea turtles is considered an important
form of ecotourism in Brazil
o the history of the sea turtle protection programme in Brazil
o the content of the mini-guide programme
o how children are chosen for the mini-guide programme
o the intended outcomes of the mini-guide programme
o the benefits gained by the mini-guides involved in the programme o the local community’s ideas about the benefits of the mini-guide
o the benefits of the mini-guide programme according to the
graduates of the programme
• a summary of the research methods used in the article explaining what they were and how they were used (See pp. 50-51 of the article)
• an explanation of the way in which Flyberg’s ideas of a case study prototype are applied in the article about the mini-guide programme (See Topic 1 in Study Guide Part 2)
• a conclusion including reference to what research can be done in the future based on th

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