Title: with reference to your own research, to what extent do you think that adopting a localisation strategy is essential for the successful achievement of the aims and objectives for Multinational companies?Justify your view

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1)Decide and research on 2 contrasting companies( is better if one is failing/ or is failed and one is working well) that have use or are currently using a localisation strategy. What did they do?how did they do it? what was the impact of the strategy on the business’s competitiveness and profitability?

2)produce a 1500 – 2500 word essay which answers the above title question, using the framework below:
INTRODUCTION: definition of localisation strategy and over view summary.
ARGUMENTS FOR MNCs ADOPTING A LOCALISATION STRATEGY: make reference to your research examples and analyse their action and consequences
ARGUMENTS AGAINST MNCs ADOPTING A LOCALISATION STRATEGY: make reference to your research examples and analyse their actions and consequences.
CONCLUSION: justified opinion relation to the essay title question, recommendations on how to implement a successful localisation strategy and consideration of 2-4 other factors (internal and/or external) that will influence the seccess of a MNC in a multi-national market.

In you research, you should consider the following:
1) outline the localisation strategies of the chosen business
2) the potential benefits of localisation strategies relative to the costs for businesses
3) the importance of localisation strategy relative to other corporate objectives
4) the internal and external influences determining the success or failure of localisation strategies for Multinational Companies and their effect on the achievement of the aims and objectives of the organisation
5)the value and limitations to businesses and stakeholders of implementing a localisation strategy; developing cultural awareness and acceptance in global markets.

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