The Spanish, English, and French Styles of Conquest on North America

Compare and contrast the The Spanish, English, and French Styles of Conquest. What were the goals, tactics, and outcomes of each style of conquest? How were they similar to or different from each other?

The essay should take into account:
1. The historical and cultural background of each of the conquering/colonizing powers.
2. The historical and cultural background/s of the Indian societies with whom these conquerors and colonizers interacted..

the essay style:
. intro with a thesis that indicates who the three conquests similar and different and how they’re related to the slavery era.
. Spanish conquest char. 1. Labor 2. conversion
. English conquest char. 1. Land 2. Removal
. French conquest char. 1. Trade 2. Assimilation.

Talk about each of the characteristics and MUST use quotes from:
1. Howard Zinn: A people’s History of the United States: “these topics are from this book”
a. Drawing the color line. b. Persons of mean and vile condition.
2. Howard Zinn, Anthony Arnove: “these topics are in the book”
a. Columbus and Las Casas. b. The first slaves. c. Servitude and Rebellion.
3. Other four articles I will upload if you don’t find them online:
a. Nicholas Canny: The Ideology of English Colonization.
b. Usner: The Frontier Exchange Economy of the Lower Mississippi Valley.
c. Sandos: Levantamiento!
d. Pablo Tac: Indian life and customs at mission An Luis Rey.

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