The Saudi Students Community at PSU

First of all, PSU means Portland State University.

The paper is about the saudi students community at portland state university. it is not a familiar topic so it should be well-defined. Im a saudi so I want the paper to be written by writer who has the ability to act like someone else, I need you to act like you are one of us.

First, the hook should look like ( In the fall of 2012, my sister and I came to Portland due to the pursuit of graduation. I was 18 years old and I had never been outside of Saudi Arabia. More importantly, we didnt speak English yet, we spoke Arabic but it is not a language to use in the US, so there was no orientation at all. However, before we left home, we were told that there are many Saudis at PSU, they have formed a within Saudis students at PSU and they are willing to help new students.) I need you to paraphrase the hook to be better.

Second, the thesis should be talking about two main categories. these categories are how the community helps us be successful in college as well as it keeps me away from getting homesick. the thesis would be like (First of all, those people keep the homesick away from me and what a luxury to have them here in Portland. Second, they are willing to help me out on a school task when it comes too hard. For these reasons, the thesis would likely be the impacts the community has on me in terms of success in school and life.) It seems like this is a good thesis but it is not formed well, so please paraphrase it.

In main body 1, Im not sure whether it is a better idea to be a one big body or divide it to two ones because it will be about the help I get from the community to succeed in school. For example, language sometimes is an issue and I can get helped by them when needed (Im not a native english speaker). Also many of them go for engineering majors just like me (Im going for civil engineering) so they would be with me in all the classes that I must take to graduate. You can decide whether you see it is better to put the two help I mentioned above in one big body or two.

another main topic would be the fact that those people keep the homesick away from me. ( I will give you the freedom to write whatever you want in this main body, but it has to be emotional).

In the conclusion, you can conclude the paper by mentioning the fact that without them, it would be easy to succeed in school.

Furthermore, Im gonna list some facts about the community and I would like them to be in the paper
there are over 300 saudi students at PSU (Portland State University)
they really trust each other like brothers
Saying (when your community-mate fails, it means the country fails). this saying fits perfectly in terms of helping others (the first main body)

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