The role of tourism and hospitality in economic growth and development

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Essay discussing economic issues concerned with industry specific
activities in the global economy.

Indonesia is a country located in South East Asia and is made up of more than 14 thousand
islands. It. is classified by the World Bank as a lower middle-income country and has had
consistent economic growth, as measured by GDP, over the last 5 years. Despite this, other
economic indicators such as unemployment and social welfare are of concern to the Indonesian
Economic experts have reminded the Indonesia government that the tourism and hospitality
industry can positively contribute to economic growth and development.
Prepare a paper for the government of Indonesia explaining a minimum of three (3) ways that
the tourism and hospitality industry can contribute to positive economic growth and
Your explanation should include:
a) The component(s) of GDP that are impacted
b) Direct, indirect and induced contributions to economic growth and development
c) Reference to examples from other economies (local, national or global) to support
your suggestions. These examples may be broadly related to the industry or be
chosen from a particular area of interest in foods, hospitality, tourism and events.
Further information on the economy of Indonesia will be discussed in lectures and tutorials.

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