The Politics of Oil”

The goal of this assignment is for the students to learn about OPEC and discuss the power of Persian Gulf.

While reading Chapter 7, focus on Global Economics (p. 197-200) and relevant parts from Geographic Diversity (p.202-209). Do additional research if needed and once you are done reading and researching, write up an essay about 400-500-words long, while answering the following questions:

-What is OPEC? When was it formed? What was the goal?
-Describe the events of 1973 in relation to OPEC’s actions.
-What is the role of OPEC today compared to the 1970s?

Be sure to include your references. Cite direct quotes. Copied and pasted text without proper credit will result in a zero for this assignment (please refer to Academic Honesty policies). Submit it on Bb by Friday, November 13 (end of day).
I will upload the pages(197-200) and (202-209) under the additional materials, also I will upload the book picture for a citation book.

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