The New Deal

1.Write an essay in which you pick one program of the New Deal that you think had the most far reaching affects on American society and explain how and why that program came about, what it was intended to accomplish and whether or not that program is still active today. Finally, discuss whether or not you think that program still works or should be discontinued.

2.This essay needs to have a heading, numbered pages, be double-spaced throughout, cited following either MLA guidelines, and include a works cited list.

3.Sources: You must use at least four sources. Two of these sources must be books (not your textbooks). One source must be from either JSTOR or Project MUSE (check with the library for how to access these data bases). You may choose one other source that is either a book, an additional article from JSTOR or MUSE or another web source. You cannot use an encyclopedia as a source.

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