the Jubilee river as climate change subject in UK ? what is best topic?

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the Jubilee river as climate change subject do a critical analysis of that. Make sure you have a look in the peer reviewed literature!

The report will need to start with some background information on the IMMEDIATE context for the intervention i.e. do not write a report/essay about “climate change”. Rather, for an analysis/proposal related to domestic emissions, give some background information on domestic (absolute, relative, trends). Then explain the key issues(s) that need to be addressed (or which first, in your view) and any existing/proposed interventions, plus other trends/external factors that are effecting baselines (e.g. national declines in UK owing to the economic recession). Then explain what is good or bad about these interventions i.e. why they might not work, who is likely to object, what the unforeseen/unacknowledged/underrated consequences might be (in your opinion). Then if you want to, propose an alternative(s) – why they might be better, but ALSO, why they might also fail.
The beginning parts of this, at the very least, NEED to be supported by relevant sources of 3rd party information i.e. peer reviewed literature where possible/appropriate, government/business/NGO reports, journalism (where relevant and not as primary source of information for the whole assignment).
The report needs to be structured well, referenced consistently and clearly, will ideally feature some relevant and illuminating figures (e.g. graphs, tables), which are appropriately referenced, and formatted/grammar/spell checked.
The report should be IN THE REGION OF 3000 words (not including text in table and figure legends).
Assessment Criteria
We use a standard feedback/assessment form for coursework so I’ll be looking for the things described on there:
1. Quality of presentation (i.e. formatting, spelling, grammar, graphics, references)
2. Organization of the report (e.g. use of subheadings)
3. Clarity of aims/objectives, scope of report
4. Strength and logic of argumentation
5. Quality of referencing (if relevant i.e. not so important for a blogpost type article)
But these areas are general things you should be aiming to do well in any of your work and your performance in these areas will not correlate with your grade. To determine the grades, you’ll be awarded I will look for these specific things, which are relevant to these exercises:
– Summary of the specific issue that you’re looking at
– Identification of relevant papers examining similar ideas or theories
– Criticism/discussion of the hypothesis/method/data/interpretation
– Identification of key further research needs

…and for CW2:
– Evidence of creativity and/or sophisticated critical analysis
– Recommendations that have an understanding of stakeholder sensitivities

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