The Global Government and Business Leaders Forum (GGBL)(RISK ONLY)

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– Based on the file(Appendix A), I ask for you to use the PMP template as provided as Appendix B(The Risk only).
-A thorough Project Management Plan (PMP) contains many integrated sections. You as a project manager must consider all the various components, integration challenges, and systems impacts.
-Your task 2 is not to prepare a PMP just yet; rather, I want you to document your thinking for delivering a PMP. In essence, I ask you to document your thoughts and logic as (AAAEM’s PM for the GGBL in Appendix A).
-As a complete PMP is large, I ask you to conduct an analysis of how you would prepare some assigned sections of a PMP. Your analysis must demonstrate:
1- systems thinking. 2- planning steps, 3- integrated approaches. 4- interrelated impacts to other components of the plan.
– you should remember and address applicable EEF’s and OPA’s as part of your analysis(some information about them in the file).
Note; i’ll upload 3 files:
1- Appendix A is the project and the information in it with the development as I’ve written before.
2- Appendix B is the whole requirements. We are responsible of the RISK part only not the whole parts.
3- some additional information that you may need it.

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