The effect of family violence on children’s wellbeing

Topic: The effect of family violence on children’s wellbeing

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This essay requires a writer who is specialised in social work, family violence or child protection. Even though, I selected sociology for subject type, sociology and social work are totally different area. A writer for this essay needs general understanding of current children’s statues in the society, issues in children’s rights and how legislation affects policy and social work practice.

The essay must be critically discussed and thought provoking. This is part of assessment criteria.

There are two compulsory books that should be referenced and 10 relevant Australian and International seminal and more current literatures. This must be academic references. Please use another 5 resources such as statements from legislations and other sources from relevant organisations.

A writer should use 2 compulsory references carefully as the examiners of this essay is the writers of those books.

I am going to provide, assessment criteria that has to be met to successfully complete this assignment, essay plan that is confirmed by professor, weekly material covered in the class(for give a writer a general understanding of what we have been learned in this unit), reading list for this unit which has good relevant resources for this assignment and Harvard referencing guide.

Please follow the essay plan that I provide you. In regards to physical punishment as a form of child abuse in the essay plan, please explain why physical punishment on children can be of an abuse or violence as this is my personal opinion. The topic of the physical punishment on children as discipline is a controversial area in the field of social work.

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