The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

1 Does CAPM-beta really provide the answer to the risk-return relationship?
•    Define the fundamental  features of the CAPM
•    How CAPM measure systematic risk
•    The relationship between systematic risk, measure beta and return on securities (included several relevant diagram or graph)
2 Does CAPM provide a good account for pricing a firm’s debt or equity?
•    Criticism of the model from the academic community
•    Why the academic community are turned away from the CAPM( main focused on)
•    CAPM has reached new heights of popularity in the outside world, why it is popular?
3 Is CAPM of relevance to corporate managers?
•    Highlight the features of the CAPM which lends itself to the context of corporate managers
•    How CAPM benefit for corporate managers

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