The Application of Psychology and Sociology to Healthcare: Implications for Health and Social Care Professionals

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You have shown description and analysis of the chosen theories and the theory choice is appropriate.

The key issue is you have used these theories to show how they could be used to ‘help’ the case studies. This is not the purpose of the assignment.

You need to use these theories to increase your understanding of the presenting aspects (issues) of the cases,

Consider the concept theory can be used to inform and theory can be used to intervene. You have written about intervening when you need to use it to inform. In addition, you cannot understand what is going on for the case studies unless you increase your evidence about the cases.

You need to use literature to discuss the presenting issues such as bea’s outbursts…what does literature state about young children with learning disabilities and this behaviour…or perhaps the target would be around the suspected autism or perhaps the behaviour in terms of Bea’s age or home circumstances…once you have done this you can then use the analysis of the theories and apply it to these points you discuss.
In addition, please do not use tables and do not indent your paragraphs.

there are some minor errors in your referencing list- do refer to the guide provided to address these

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