SWOT Analysis ( Business Context

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Learning outcomes assessed
1 Demonstrate an understanding of the scope and purpose of business within the global business environment
2 Demonstrating an understanding of the interrelationship between the main business functions such as marketing, human resource management, operations and finance and their impact on business objectives
3 Appreciate the basic economic principles in contemporary business practice
4 Recognise key enabling and constraining forces within the global external environment of a business
5 Use specific techniques to analyse business in context and propose practical solutions
6 Devise and substantiate arguments contributing to business decision making , informed by critical enquiry and using appropriate means of dissemination to communicate them
7 Evaluate business activity in terms of the fundamental principles of corporate ethics and corporate social responsibility and recognise the importance of cultural sensitivity in personal business dealings
Assignment task
Using the analytical models that you have learned during this module, undertake an in-depth SWOT analysis on the organisation you work for, or one that you are familiar with. Identify the key enabling opportunities and constraining threats of your organisation. Your analysis should detail the strengths and weaknesses of the main business functions which impact the business objectives of this organisation. Your analysis should identify at least three key issues which impact the organisation, one of which must relate to corporate ethics or corporate social responsibility.
Produce a 2000 word report which describes the scope and purpose of your organisation, detailing the key issues and informing the organisation which three issues are the most significant and why.
Make substantiated recommendations and propose actions for the organisation to take in response to these issues.
Your report should be presented in a formal report format.
include your SWOT analysis, presented as a table, which will not be counted in your 2000 words

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