Sustainability in Graphic Design

Your paper must include: a reasoned thesis statement you support with evidence from the SRL and other sources you locate yourself; brief assessment of existing scholarship on this topic, if applicable; well integrated evidence in the form of properly cited quotations and paraphrases; explanation and refutation of at least one counterargument to your position; properly formatted bibliography (APA format) of at least 8 sources (only 5 of these sources can be from the SRL. One source must be a graphic, an illustration, or another type of image).

1. In the first section, define and begin to answer your research question (for example, how will you define sustainability? What type of sustainability are you thinking of? How will you define your field?). What are you studying, what questions are you and other researchers asking about it, and why? What do you expect to find out? The harder you push here, the easier the research will be later.

2. In the second section, try to say, briefly, what you already know about the research question. This is the section that should most evolve between the proposal and the actual paper as section three—what you need to know—is digested into what you do know. If you’re going to focus on business, what primary texts will you be studying—what books, chapters, characters, etc.? If you’re going to focus on architecture, or political theory, or law, what will form the backbone of your research? What sources do you already have in hand? Start outlining the critical landscape of your research problem, integrating yourself into its community of questioners.

3. In the third section, try to define what you need to know in order to answer your research question completely. What other sources do you need to consider? What kinds of research do you need to do? Where do you expect to find those sources? It might be a good idea to do a little preliminary research before you write this part. Get on the library catalog, check the databases pertinent to your topic and find out what’s out there. (We’ll be doing more of this in class in the near future.)

Please use block quotations.
Do NOT use first person

Title page should include

Title of the paper
The abstract should be at least half a page

The work cited/reference page should be done in APA format

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