Sustainability & Environmental portfolio

a individual portfolio about module Sustainability & Environmental and this assignment requires me to write a portfolio which include 4 topic essay. you can see details below. each topic should be around 1300 words. I will upload a sample of paper. you can decided to topic which must belong to Sustainability & Environmental range.

• Your individual coursework should be written in the form of a PORTFOLIO
• You can write on up to four topics (you can use the same research for your presentations or not), or choose to investigate less topics and drill down much deeper into these topics. The less topics you select the deeper you will have to go into each topic. If you select just one topic then this will need to be researched and analysed in depth.
• Add a short introduction section explaining how many topics you chose to investigate and how these topics link together.
• Add a summary at the end of your portfolio briefly explaining how the topics link together, summarising what you found in your research, what you found in your analysis, and what the implications of these findings are.
• Suggested page set-up for Word documents: Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt, 1.15 or 1.25 line spacing, 4pt to 8pts between paragraphs.
• At least one of your research topics must investigate area relevant to your course of study. Please set this one as your first reflection and clearly identify it.

• A portfolio is a collection of evidence that represents achievement and learning within a module.
• A portfolio is a purposeful collection of work that exhibits the student’s efforts, progress, and achievements.
• A portfolio is a collection of your work that is a representation of your development and reflective thinking during a module.
• A portfolio is a personal record of the research you have done, the analysis you have conducted, your conclusions and recommendations and what you have learned about the topic.
• The topic must be highly relevant to the module subject i.e. focussed on an environmental sustainability issue.
• Drill down into specific ‘sustainability’ topics and include a critical analysis of your research findings.
• Referenced correctly, identifying your sources to add weight and validity to your work.
• Each source must be appropriately analysed for its findings rather than merely repeated or quoted.
• There is a clear structure.
• Use a clear comparative framework to link the different sources of information.
• Addresses issues of bias, consistency, validity, reliability, and generalisability.
• Has a clear introduction and a supported conclusion.
• Include images and tables in your portfolio to support your arguments and findings
• Reference images and tables from other sources using a title below each image and make sure to identify the source.

the structure should follow below:
1. Introduction (200words)
explaining how many topic you to investigate and how these topic link together.
2.topic one
3.topic two
4.topic three
5.topic four
6.Summary (500 word)
at the end of your portfolio briefly explaining how the topic link together, summarising what you found in your research , what you found in your analysis, and what the implication of these finding are.

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