Strategy Methodology

  1. Analyze the impact of economic factors on the development of IT strategy decisions at the enterprise level of the organization.

    Review IT strategy methodology on page 88 of the Lane text. Explain how the IT strategy methodology can be developed to minimize economic factors. Justify your answer.

    Week 8 Discussion 2

    “Economic Factors” Please respond to the following:

    Reflect upon the economic factors that would lead a CIO to consider outsourcing or offshoring critical IT segments (i.e., help desk support, software development, and quality assurance) as a viable option for an organization. Analyze three economic factors that could lead the CIO down the path of outsourcing or offshoring.

    Assess whether or not economic factors lead to the same level of IT outsourcing or offshoring decisions, despite the business or industry. Explain your answer.

  2. E-Commerce Assignment Work
    1. Go to


    1. Review the Live Token Sales and ICOs.


    1. Choose a desired company for analysis (Be sure the company provides a ‘White Paper).


    1. Read or skim through the company’s white paper or visit the company’s website and answer the following questions below regarding its proposed business plan/model.


    1. Descriptions of the Eight Key Elements of a Business Model, Major B2C models, and Major B2B models are on pages 56 to 84 in the E-commerce 2017 text.


    1. Provide a 2-page maximum write-up and be sure to include subject headings for each of the eight key elements as shown below.


  3. PhD TIM-Signature Assignment PLUS PowerPointPart ONE-Signature Assignment: Synthesize Ideas to Improve Project Outcomes TIM-8601 V2: IT Project Management

    Build on your earlier assignments in this class to create a consolidated view of project management to adjust to change and agility while remaining conducive to project success in the technology information and innovation field. Do not rely on copying earlier content but focus on an integrated response that uses critical thinking and synthesis to achieve an overview of the entire course. The content must rely on scholarly sources focused on research. This signature assignment should also include the identification of one or two areas where one should consider further research, leading to improved outcomes. Include brief details of the potential research process, method, and the implications for practice.

    Support your paper with at least fourteen (14) scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, you can add other appropriate scholarly and quality practitioner resources, including older articles.

    Length: 10-12 pages, not including title and reference pages.

    Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standard

    Part TWO-PowerPoint- Present the Ideas on how to Improve Project Outcomes

    TIM-8601 V2: IT Project Management

    Create a brief presentation that would allow you to present your content in the Signature Assignment to a mixture of an academic audience and executive management. Pay particular attention to quality presentation material suitable for the mixed audience. Create and include at least one relevant table or image with your content to support your content.

    Note: You should not include detailed narratives or “notes” for this PowerPoint file. Merely create the slides that focus on appropriate keywords, include all relevant citations, and provide the related references on a separate slide.

    Provide a title slide, 8 to 10 content slides, and a reference slide. Use 12-point fonts on the reference slide.

    Use at least six different scholarly resources in your content. Your citations and references should comply with APA standards.

  4. Information Systems

    Read below Choice 1, Choice 2, and Choice 3.

    Read the information for each of the three choices.

    Decide if you would create a relational database, an object-oriented database, or multiple forms in either Excel or intables in Word documents .

    Remember, you are in an interview and you should be answering as if you were answering the interview question.

    Then post on the Do First Discussion Board for Module 1 which option you would choose to track for each of the three choices and why.

    Choice 1

    Your Personal Academic Information, including:

    Names, teachers, times, and room locations for each course you are taking this year

    Grades for each of your classes and the individual assignments

    Academic events, times, dates, and locations that are mandatory and optional to attendfor each class in which you are registered

    Advisor name and contact information, number of times you need to meet, and anyregistration information you must have for your major

    Information on names, times, contact information, locations of the tutoring center,instructor hours, or online help desk info if you have a problem with academic or technical issues

    Choice 2

    Your Personal Information, including:

    All social events, including the name, organization, sponsors, cost, contact information, and location

    Family email, phone number, address, and birthday or special event information(anniversaries, family events, etc.)

    Financial budget for all individual school costs (including but not limited to books, tuition, food, registration fees, and social events) and home expenses (including food, clothes, car insurance, medical and dental insurance, home insurance, food, electric, water, trash pickup, and travel budget). Also include the contact information for your car, medical, dental, and other places that you have to pay expenses to. Finally include the dates that any bills are due.

    Choice 3

    Significant Event Information

    If you are planning a significant event, such as a wedding, graduation party, or a family member’s retirement party, determine the type of event and determine:

    Guest list, contact information

    Date, location, cost, and location of the venue

    Budget for the event

    Itemized food, supplies and any other costs for the event, amount needed for the event, and where you will get the cheapest items

    List of apps or places to get discounts or coupons for the event

    Way to track who is and is not attending

    Permit or security information, contacts, and cost

    Clothing budget

    Any other pertinent information

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