strategic marketing

Order Description
1. i need only the industry overview at that time not the company. all the case study must be related to the period of time of the case study (i.e 2013). 100 words are good.
2. PEST analysis in a table sort of points or short sentences.
3. porter’s five forces should be only about the industry not the company at all
4. in the competition one theory to apply is enough
5. the 6 w’s of customer analysis in a form of table
6. use one of the theories or two if possible.
7. 5 points for each part of SWOT. (i.e. 5 points for strengths, 5 points for weaknesses.. etc..) Label each point by S1, O1, W1 etc…
8. identify all the issues arising from the swot ( state in clear concise sentences-not paragraphs-ensuring you have distinguished symptoms from casual factors). demonstrate that it is a combination of factors from the TOWS by referring to S1 and O3 etc..

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