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Individual Coursework Assignment

Coursework Brief

You must design a database from a list of requirements, producing an entity-relationship diagram, a determinancy diagram and a relational schema, with a detailed account of how the requirements have been translated into the diagrams. These should be submitted in a Word file.
Design a database system to maintain data associated with criminal court cases in the UK. The text below has been produced from a requirements elicitation exercise.

• Each judge has a list of outstanding cases over which he will preside. Only one judge presides per case.

• For each case one prosecuting counsel is appointed to represent the Public Prosecutions Service. Cases are scheduled at one Crown Court for an estimated duration from a given start date.

• A case can try more than one offence. Each offence is for one crime in law. Each offence can have one or more defendants.

• Each defendant can have one or more defending barristers. If an offence has multiple defendants, each defendant can have one or more defence counsel defending.

• Defendants may have more than one outstanding case against them.

(i) Produce an entity-relationship diagram which represents the domain of criminal court cases.

(ii) Assign a number of surrogate identifiers to the entities in the domain and produce a determinancy diagram to document the dependencies between data-items.

(iii) Accommodate both the entity-relationship diagram and the determinancy diagram produced to a relational schema expressed in the bracketing notation.

(iv) Describe the diagrams developed in details

Key Marking criteria will include:

• Accuracy of the calculations

• Appropriateness of the methodology

• Clarity and conciseness of the descriptions of the methodology and the conclusions

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