Describe an embarrassing moment you’ve experienced (don’t be shy – we’ve all had them!).  What were the circumstances?  What was the identity you were trying to present?  How did the attempt to claim this identity fail?  What did you do to try to overcome the embarrassment?  What did the witnesses to the embarrassing incident do?  Share your experience, framing your response in the key sociological terminology from the Newman chapter.

Former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate stated many times that emergency and disaster preparedness is the responsibility of all citizens.  As FEMA Administrator, he made citizen preparedness a priority for the agency.  Describe the types of things you have done to prepare for emergencies or disasters.  Explain whether or not you feel you are adequately prepared for the disasters you believe you may be exposed to.  If you do not feel you are as prepared as you would like to be, what would you do to make yourself adequately prepared?  Where would you go to find out how to best take those actions?

Original Posting  Content and Critical Analysis (40 points). Due by 23:59 CST Wednesday of the assigned week. Your Forum entry should be pertinent to the subject matter and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the topics discussed with an appropriate introduction, supporting paragraphs, and conclusions. Forum entries should contain 300-500 words, excluding the references.

Describe the situation of a restaurant or a radio station using the concepts and ideas of Goffman’s Dramaturgy. Be sure to define and give examples of all the elements of dramaturgy like props, role performance, front stage, back stage, and embarrassment.

Your response should be about 500 words.

Post a brief description of at least three personal and/or professional commitments you selected. Explain how your understanding of social change, leadership, and advocacy has impacted your commitments and your willingness to make them. Explain the next steps you might take in your professional development to become a more effective social change agent, leader, and advocate. Then, explain how your commitment might impact your future work as a human and social services professional. Be specific, and provide examples to illustrate your points.

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