The objective of this  paper is to illustrate on a personal level your connection to society and the significant others in your life. In writing this paper you are

encouraged to bring to your consciousness the myriad influences that have shaped you in this rapidly changing world at the micro-level, societal level, and global

level. Global forces have penetrated your personal world and have far reaching effects.
The specific theories which apply are conflict theory and symbolic interactionism. Conflict theory is applicable because each individual in modern society is beset by

institutional conflicts and value systems to which one is exposed  Symbolic interactionism is applicable in that the individual perceives and interprets the

institutional messages as well as the communication which take place in the life experiences.
One of the manifestations of global change is the participation in virtual communication. The student will have to include in this socio-biography a discussion to the

extent that such participation lends itself to the student’s sense of being a global citizen. It is a given that global change involves technological change.
“Who Am I and how did I get to be the way I am? Or–up to a point I am a product of society because whereas I have been shaped by my society I have also had a hand in

shaping who I am and the views I hold ” Sounds easy? Not by  a long shot. You might have to resurrect unpleasant memories, and you might have to ask friends and family

members questions about yourself . Also you might decide that an important influence can cut both ways. That is to say, for example, while  growing up you  hung on to

every word of wisdom  your parents told you. In adulthood  you decided to be selective in what they told you or even reacted against your upbringing.  Is it not true

that we tend to be selective in our reactions to influences from other significant people in  our lives as well? Please read carefully chapter five in Charon to help

you write this paper. Chapter five spells out how you have been socialized and shaped by your society.
You may not think so, but you are a complicated person by virtue of the fact that you have been subjected to a tremendous array of influences we sometimes speak of as

the experiences of socialization.  And many of these experiences may appear to you as contradictory, confusing, or conflicting. Handling conflict within yourself is

part of growing up.  What you have internalized  mirrors the  conflicting nature of society itself within today’s modern world.  Your religion may have told you  that

“thou shall not kill,”  but  as a member of the military that is to be your role as a combat soldier—to kill. Your basketball coach may have instilled in you about

fair play, but in actuality  he or she demands you win by any means.
In composing this paper  you will have to establish a pattern  showing how these influences are related. Do keep in mind that this  is a social psychological paper.

This means to link the larger forces of society that are economic or cultural  which eventually reaches you, your family, your city and neighborhood.  Suppose you were

brought up in Detroit.  Most of the factory work is gone. Your father has been laid off and joins the masses of the working poor.  There is little money in the

household.  Or you perhaps your family immigrated from Islamic Southern, Russia and settled  in Cambridge, Mass. As Muslims, the family members  never really adjusted

to American life. Or perhaps your parents are prosperous professionals as physicians or lawyers and they can afford living in Bethesda, Maryland, as well as sending

you to a private high school.
Steps in Writing this Paper: Be as specific as possible!
Brief description of yourself answering the question: Who Am I?
Significant others: perhaps role models with whom you may identify; be they parents, grandparents, other family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, ministers, etc.
Socio-economic status of parents or caregivers(occupation, education)
Characteristics of the neighborhood(s) such as general income level, city, suburbs, rural
Importance of religion, race, ethnicity while growing up
Impact of growing up in American culture(consumerism? patriotism? Pursuit of American Dream?
Influences from the media including TV, Internet, social media(virtual friends on a global basis). This may suggest that you are not only a member of your own society

where you reside but you may feel a sense of global citizenship.
Traumatic and dramatic experiences that have changed your life.
Summary of related factors which (a) up to a point explains how you have been shaped by society(b) how you have contributed to being your own person in choosing and

rejecting what you learned in your socialization in society.
10. Five references to reinforce your important points.

Charon, J (2013)
Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective, 8th Edition (Coursesmart eBook)


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