Social Anxiety Disorder in Teenagers Literature Review

Order Description
This paper is a 9-page, double-spaced literature review on the subject of Teenagers suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. The paper should provide definitions, explain the etiology and progression of the disorder, symptoms, prevalnce, comorbidity, a method of intervention (therapy), treatment and prognosis, as well as how it affects patients, their families, and society in general. This paper covers ONLY teenagers suffering from Social Anxiety Disorders.Use evidence to support the contentions you have drawn from your findings and critically analyze related literature – this has to be an analytical paper, not a summary of readings. Use lots of studies. The research paper must meet APA requirements of format and style.

Use FULL APA Style. CORRECT FORMATTING. First page must have the Running Head in the header but nowhere else, INCLUDE ABSTRACT and do NOT put any references in the abstract. Use proper and scientific language and correct grammar and syntax. Do not use casual expressions or first person in the text and make sure to use politically correct and non-offensive terminology. This is supposed to be platinum quality. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON. Always refer to the author in third person. Use sources to relate to everything that you say. Use sources that are from the year 2000 and on. The more recent the better. Make sure all references are cited in the text

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