small group communication

hello, you need to understand this assignment specifically in order to make it right, I will attach you all necessary documents for this assignment. now I will describe what exactly happen in this exercise from the beginning, so you can put this in 4 pages with providing theoretical framework and more stuff.

we are in a class of 10 people our instructor divided us to two groups and she handed us ” A final group project sheet” I will attach it for you. After getting the instructions from our instructor my group and I started meeting over 2 weeks to decide which exercise we will pick to the other group to preform. we finally decided to use ” Zoom game”. so decided to test this exercise in a 5 random people from our school. we offered 5 gift cards to the participants for this exercise ” I will attach you a classmate paper about this experiment” When we finally met in class to do the exercise we got surprised that the other group have chose “zoom game” also. but the difference is my group deiced to put rules for this game such ” they can’t look at each other pictures” and we added 4 pictures not related to zoom just to make it a little bit harder. The rule of the other group was ” we can look at our pictures but we can’t put them in the table until the 31 picture is in order. Every member of my group had to observe the role of every member in the other group. so I observed Jeff while his group were putting zoom pictures in order. Jeff was ” initiator contributor-information seeker- a little information giver- follower. It wasn’t to hard to observe his role more since he knows the game as his group prepared the same game coincidentally to us. since i need to observe also the role of every member in my group, from how we worked together and how we made this happen, Jason was very creative with ideas. He was a good contributor and took the lead. Melvin was a good follower and occasionally gave an opinion and he never been late with deadlines. Tyler was an excellent information giver, encourager and he keeps thinking out of the box. Andy was a coordinator, but never felt he’s interested to work with a group. I enjoyed working with this group, I’ve tried my best to create ideas to be opinion giver and coordinator

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