Skills and Knowledge Assessment 3: Information Poster

The answers to the following assessment task will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of:
? Communication skills, Literacy skills, Numeracy skills
? Problem-solving skills
? Company style
? Formatting style
? Organisational systems
? Rules and conventions of written English
Using a computer, demonstrate your knowledge and ability of the above criteria by designing a poster for
use within an office workplace. The poster should adhere to company style and use professional formatting (i.e. font, colour scheme). Be sure to submit this poster with your Portfolio of Evidence for marking.

TOTAL MARKS: 15 marks

Objective To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the required skills, knowledge and critical aspects of assessment.
Activity Choose ONE of the following and create a poster:
? For use in the office environment: a poster advising colleagues of ergonomic information, such as seating position etc.
? For use in the office environment or printer room: poster explaining your company’s policy and guidelines on resource conservation and management.
? For use in the reception area: a poster instructing visitors of your company’s procedure on accepting visitors, for example, signing in, reporting to a reception desk, wearing a pass etc.

You should bear in mind your intended audience and adjust your language and style accordingly in the poster.

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