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* Should Egypt Cancel the remainder of their soccer season because of the violence surrounding their match play?

* Should Rodger Goodell be fired for his mismanagement of the NFL?

* Should Lance Armstrong be required to refund his winnings/earnings?

* Should athletes be punished for political demonstrations within their sport?

* Should the IOC lower the minimum age for participation in Gymnastics?

* Should Air Canada (as an official long standing sponsor), have a say in how the NHL deals with the aggressive play in the league?

For this Assignment you are charged with the task of identifying 8 controversial issues currently affecting the moral fabric of the sporting landscape. After identifying these issues, craft a question that clearly sums up the topic at hand, (starting with: Should……) and then write four paragraphs for each issue that describes your solution to the issue. Maximize the content of your paragraphs, and express your thoughts clearly and completely. Please use the following format for each topic you select.

PGH 1: Describe the issue.

PGH 2: Support the negative (No there should not be a minimum pd. Why/why not)

PGH 3: Support the affirmative (Yes there should be…why/why not)

PGH 4: Conclusion (Your solution for the problem)

Make sure to support your statements with facts, and use proper APA format when citing your sources. Use the Sports Business Journal to help establish your topics. Each topic must have a minimum of two sources – no maximum. Projects can be written in a word document, or in a power point project. Post this assignment under the Should…Assignment link on LiveText.

Selected 8 morally questionable examples in sports 20 points

Effectively use your 4 paragraphs to address content 40 points

Feasibility of your suggested solution 30 points

Proper in text citation, and reference page 10 points

This project is worth 20% of total grade TOTAL

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