services marketing management

Order Description
This order is Reflective journal.

The following are my requirements in this order. Please reflect in each point of the following. Use the slides that I attached for guidance as well as this chapter of the following book “Chapter 3 of Wilson et al Services Marketing; Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm, Second European Edition“.

1. Discuses those 2 points, introduce them i-e what are they? Reelect of the graphs on the slides? In your personal option what do they mean to and in your professional life? Use a real live example that show what they actually mean to you and finally show the link between those 2 points. The 2 points are:
a. Factors that influence Customer Expectations of Service
b. Current Issues involving Expectations of Service Customers

2. Use journals, articles, books to back up your information.

3. Include at least one of the following; diagrams, shapes, pictures etc.…

4. Please not the slides are only for guidance don’t copy from them

There is no need for any of the following; Abstract, Introduction, Conclusions, All I need is a straight start to journal
If preferable include Appendices but it is NOT included to the word count

Number of references is 10 but if need can go to 10+ references

The journal is made up of four essential components;
1. Conceptual underpinning
2. Practical application and illustration from your own service consumer and / or service employee experiences
3. Critical thinking and reflection
4. Innovative and independent initiative [the WOW factor]

The completed work must be in word format only.

Use UK English when typing the report and avoid using any American English

Since the work in my college will be submitted using Turnitin technology to check submissions for evidence of plagiarism and copying. Any submission with a similarity grading of 25% or more will automatically fail, those with a grading of between 15% and 25% will be closely scrutinised for plagiarism.

So according to the above matters it is VERY IMPORTANT that the work should be with a similarity BELLOW 14%

Please note I’m aware that some other friends had already placed the same order before me. I had some problem previously were the order I received was similar to the one my friends has received. I would highly appreciate if this issues was not repeated with this order

The word count for the report shouldn’t be less than 825 but if wanted it can go more than 825.

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