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Question 1.Write one page for question one. Please frame response with 2 references
Research an historic or current servant leader who is a true volunteer in service to others. In what ways does the person inspire leadership while building his or her own character and integrity? How does this leader exemplify the moral obligation to lead through kindness, compassion, and justice?
Question 2.Write one page for question 2. Please frame response with 2 references
Share the volunteer opportunity you will be completing for the topic assignment. (SEE BELOW)
Volunteer opportunity:
I have decided to volunteer on a physical rehabilitation unit. My role will be to offer nursing services as well as give patients education concerning their medical diagnosis. I have identified Hackensack UMC, which has a sub-acute unit for a patient in need of physical rehabilitation. I talked to the director of the unit by the name Danielle Salazar who was very kind and offered the opportunity. Her contact number is 973-429-6000. She gave me the instructions and the unit’s manual that contained the activities of what is done on the unit every shift. My goal will be report to the unit on a Monday and receive a full report on the patients I will be providing care to. The unit contains adults who are physically challenged with a maximum census of 18. The volunteer activities will include bathing the adults since most of them cannot do it by themselves. After bathing them, I will offer them breakfast which will be followed by education regarding their medications and then administering their medications as ordered.
I imagine it will be a hectic but fulfilling day. The routine will be repeated like that for the entire week. This is an activity that will be a brand new experience for me as I have never worked on this type of unit before and have been away from bed side nursing for many years. I will need to coordinate this with the rest of my responsibilities as I work a full time job with many other responsibilities. I will be volunteering under the supervision of the nurse manager on the unit. I will meet with the education department and the Human Resource department prior to my start date.
Discuss how you think this experience will help you develop your own character and give you experience in leading through exhibiting kindness, compassion, and justice

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