Sergio Marchionne: Leading Change in Fiat and Chrysler

Order Description

You are required to prepare a well-structured, well-referenced analytical academic report (max 1000 words) on the following case study from Johnson et al (2014: 496-498):

Sergio Marchionne: Leading Change in Fiat and Chrysler

• You may refer to the questions at the end of the case study to help you.
• Use strategic models/tools introduced in the module to assist your analysis of the case study. These should be customised and referenced and placed in the appendix but discussed in the report.
• Be critical of the models you adopt for your initial analysis.
• Adopt a critical approach to the academic sources you use.
• Remember you will fail if you do not include references in the text, including references to the case study, and if you have only references to Internet websites on your list of sources

MARKING criteria

? The content of your work should show evidence of:
• research, especially of the academic literature.
• logical structure
• critical analysis
• understanding of the concepts and customization of the strategic tools
• ability to evaluate models and to conclude on their value
• sound, well-rounded arguments
• attention to the brief (you must do what is asked.

? The presentation of your work will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• Is double-spaced.
• is neat, clean, clear and easily read
• is free of errors of grammar, syntax, spelling and typography
• is appropriately referenced, using the Harvard Referencing System
• uses appropriate academic style.

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