Sensationalism in Media

Paper details:

Research and analyze the media issue by using a method of research. Focus on how the goal of sensationalism media is to get an emotional response from the audience rather than reporting facts. Sensationalism media is often subjective and exaggerated which leads to controversy in the stories told. The purpose is to get the attention of the audience and supporting their cause.

The research method i chose is Limited affects model and these are the bullet points I want to highlight on the paper

1. Trends: Current trends tend to have a major impact among society that leads to the media studying and looking closely at them.
2. Endorsements: Having a well-known public figure market a product or service can have a great impact in consumer’s acceptance.
3. Public Relations: A Public Relations team speaks highly about the company at all times since they are the face and voice of the company when things are flowing well, as well as through the company’s hardships.

Synthesize the conclusions from the research into an overall summary of what you have learned about the media effects in question.

o What do you now know about this particular media issue?
o What do you NOT know about the media issue?
o What additional specific research studies might you propose to uncover what we do not know about the issue?
o What final conclusions might you presently draw about this particular media issue based on your research?

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