Select a major competitor to your chosen company. Suggestions are listed below. You may select a different competitor with your instructor’s approval.

Chosen company

Possible competitors


Kawasaki; Honda



Southwest Airlines

Delta Airlines; American Airlines


Burger King; Wendy’s



Locate the competitor’s annual report, and calculate the same four financial ratios that you calculated for your chosen company.

Write a 1 page analysis in which you address the following:

How do the two companies compare on each financial ratio?
What do the ratios tell you about how each company is managed? What do they indicate about interaction with employees at each company?
How could these ratios inform management decisions? Could they be misinterpreted or misapplied?
What are the implications of the ratios when you review the company’s objectives?
What are the implications of the ratios when you consider the organizational structure?
The company is still McDonalds.

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