Scale Factor

1. A drawing of a box has dimensions of 2 inches, 3 inches, and 5 inches. The demensions of the actual box will be 314 times the dimensions in the drawing. What are the dimensions of the actual box?

2. A room has a length of 10 feet. The scale factor is 1.5 inches. Is the room the same as the scale factor?

3. The distance of the room to the kitchen is 15 meters. The diagram using inches, and the scale Factor of 2.5. What will be the distance in inches?

4. The scale on the map is 1/5 in:15 mi/. The state capitol is 90 mi from te boarder. How far is the state capitol from the boarder?

5. On the map the house is 9 in from the school. If the scale on the map is 2500, what is the actual distance, in feet, from the house to the school?

6. The following scale is 2 in:35 mi. The distance between 2 cities is 315 miles. How far apart are they on the map?

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