Risk Managment Paper

Order Description
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper on a current risk management issue at your facility ( Our facility is a Behavioral health hospital and the current risk issue is a high rate of elopement on the units (psychiatric pts escaping the facility)).
•Include the steps that have been set in place or discussed to address the issue (double doors on unit entrance, one opens with a key and the second one using the staff badge, also every time the doors open they emit a distinctive sound alerting you they have been opened).
•Discuss how your agency determined a path to remedy the problem (Since the units only have one main entrance/exit our agency agreed that reinforcing that main entrance with a double door system and the alarm was a good start point to a remedy)
•Identify valid methods adopted by other facilities to address the same problem ( Here research is required)
•Compare your results to the process being developed at your agency (As a result of the double door, and alarm system ever since the rate of successful elopement attempts has drastically decreased)
•Support your paper with a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources.
•Recommendations and conclusion.

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