Ricettsia Rickettsii

Paper details:

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Disease Pathology
a. Explain the basics of the chosen organism, including structure, virulence, and toxicities.
b. Explain how the disease interferes with normal pathophysiology.
c. Describe which populations (race and socioeconomic class) are most at risk for
developing the disease.
d. Describe the significance of the disease on the community.

II. Disease Management
a. Describe at least two current treatment trends commonly used in the management of
the disease.
b. Analyze the effectiveness of both treatments based on EBP (evidence-based practice).

III. Pharmacological Impact – Describe one treatment plan for the disease that includes a pharmacological intervention.

IV. Prevention Plan – Describe steps to be undertaken for prevention of infection.

NOTE: References must include at least one journal paper and one medical textbook.

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