RFP process

Order Description
Prepare a response to the Discovery Question (DQ). The response should be 500 words (+/- 50 words), not including references.

Discovery Question 1). Since the RFP process can be binding on either buyers or sellers, what can be done once a vendor submits a proposal and the buyer organization realizes critical requirements are found to have been omitted from the buyer’s RFP? Should the Needs Assessment process prevented these oversights?
Request for Proposal (RFP): Based on the requirements documented in the Needs Assessment document, the client organization is aware they have a problem or a business need. Because there is no commoditized solution, the client may not know the best way to solve it. While cost is an important factor, the RFP is used to seek out the best solutions from potential suppliers. The RFP is a very formal process with strict rules for content (including pricing), timeline for implementation, and a deadline for vendor responses.

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