You are required to write a research essay of no more than 2000 words of the following topic:
What makes for “good” science as opposed to “bad” science (i.e. on what grounds can we judge whether to adopt a scientific theory or claim)? Drawing on what you have learned in this unit, present and defend a criteria for assessing whether we should trust a scientific claim or not.

Word Limit

You may go up to 10% over or under the word limit for this essay (i.e. 2200 is the absolute maximum, 1800 the minimum). Any essay over 2200 words will incur a 5% penalty per 100 words over the limit. You must include word count at the top of the first page of your essay.


You should provide a bibliography for the essay.

For the essay itself please format your in-text references and bibliography using Chicago-Style, in-text referencing (a handy quick guide is available here http://

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