“Spoken Word” that is Christian based and rhymes like poetry. In this I was contrasting characteristics between Lord Jesus (Prince of Peace) and Muhammad (prophet of Islam) in this one, I obviously want Jesus triumphant. I was Muhammad shown to be against peace to show the contradiction nature of his character while emphasising Jesus. One page, make it rhyme, make it cheesy, pace yourself and build your way in. Get it passionate too and don’t be afraid to offend (but not bashful) I want you to have a line or two in there showing that ISIS is justifying what they are doing by following some of Muhammad’s context. Somewhere in there if you can have sort of an INVITE to Muslims to accept Jesus, it would be great. You can use Biblical and Quranic references but don’t quote too many verses, just a quick reference. I have TWO videos for you to kind of get the idea of where I am going with this. Please watch them carefully.

The following are the videos: (PERFECT EXAMPLE FOR CONTENT) (to show you how poetry works in terms of Spoken Word)


Holy Bible (ESV or NIV)

Quran (Yusuf Ali, or any decent one that is credible by Muslims)

Sahih Al-Bukhari books (to reference Hadiths or teachings of Muhammad that are not peaceful)

Sahih Muslim (for Hadiths and Muhammad’s teachings)

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (book by Nabeel Qureshi)

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