religious practice

Pick a practice (e.g, ritual,art form,etc) in a particular religion. how is this practice shaped(or how does it shape) the other elements of that religion’s worldview(e.g, scripture,doctrine,other rituals,sacred myths, sacred symbols, ethical system)? Do any of the theorist of religion we’ve studied (we have studied Tylor and his ideas about animism and functionalist approach as well as Frazer,Freud,William James, Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Eliade and Geertz, I need someone well versed on these thinkers and their work in order for this paper to incorporate their ideas for comparison.)offer any useful conceptual tools for understanding this practice? If so, What tools, and why are they useful? How does approaching this particular practice in this particular way help us understand the particular religion overall.

You can choose any practice that is appropriate.

there is no limit number on sources, but If possible to source most of the thinkers above.

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